Co-founder and CTO of Ezra
Canada / USA

Detecting cancer earlier for everybody in the world using MRI and AI.

  • Wore many hats as required while building a start-up
  • Actively participated in the seed and Series A rounds of financing
  • Developed the company’s technology plan and its cloud-based infrastructure (AWS and Azure)
  • Coordinated engineering and R+D efforts addressing healthcare regulatory constraints (e.g. FDA, HIPAA)
  • Addressed integration and cybersecurity requirements with the teams
  • Managed and reviewed risk periodically with the different engineering teams
  • Worked side-by-side with software developers and engineers designing and implementing internal solutions to integrate with third-party providers and business partners
  • Created the platform team to develop systems that support the business operation
  • Built and led the team that obtained the first FDA clearance for a Prostate AI
  • Provided guidance and support to the Reporter AI team
  • Created the company data warehouse integrating operations, marketing and sales, and medical systems and providing near real-time updates.
  • Led the implementation of an MLOps culture in the company

Chief Technology Officer at Awake Labs

  • Developed the company’s technology strategy plan
  • Procured and scaled the technological infrastructure
  • Identified and proposed intellectual property opportunities
  • Designed and implemented a deep learning architecture for the mental healthcare market: brain disorders and other mental conditions.
  • Created value for our stakeholders by understanding target markets’ needs

Postdoctoral Fellow at Robarts Research Institute

I worked in the application of deep learning to solve medical imaging problems. More specifically I implemented a project that enabled the automatic recognition of anatomical features in ultrasound for the purpose of imaging-guided spinal injection procedures. The second project dealt with the prediction of histological features (histopathology) from MRI.

Intern at the Australian e-Health Research Centre CSIRO

I implemented a technique known as voxel-based morphometry in C++. This technique enables statistical comparison among medical images. My code was tested on the ADNI database showing expected statistical differences in the hippocampal area for Alzheimer’s disease patients when compared to healthy volunteers.

Intern at CREATIS Imaging Lab

I implemented a OSGI framework from scratch in C++ with the goal of organizing the medical software MARACAS into software modules (bundles, according to OSGI architecture).

Information Associate at Electronic Data Systems (Hewlett-Packard)

I worked as a software engineer implementing changes to the software platform for the system of the Office of the Comptroller General of the Colombian Government. The development platform was BEA WebLogic.

Project Lead at Informática Siglo 21

I led a developer team in several software projects for clients in the banking, government, and financial industries. The core development was carried out in Java (J2EE), in conjunction with other technologies such as Oracle Database and data warehouse systems and IBM WebSphere.