Hi, My name is Diego Cantor. I am an engineer and tech entrepreneur who is passionate about innovation. I believe that the way to create great products is by building and developing an amazing team with an exciting shared purpose, where people contribute and grow professionally every day.

A little bit about my background

My research was featured on the cover of Computerized Medical Imaging and Graphics. April 2015.

After spending some time in the software industry working on banking, government, and education I decided to go back to school. I did my master’s degree in Computer Engineering and thanks to Dr. Marcela Hernandez, I fell in love with medical imaging! During this time I studied computer vision, augmented reality, and image processing among other amazingly interesting topics. My master’s degree opened the possibility to travel to France and Australia where I worked on healthcare projects. Then, I moved to Canada and did my Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering under the supervision of Dr. Terry Peters. There, I studied epilepsy in brain imaging and applied machine learning techniques to localize the origin of seizures, improving surgical outcomes.

I did my post-doctoral fellowship at Western University in collaboration with IBM Research (Almaden). At this time, I developed a couple of deep learning applications solving medical imaging problems. The first project was about the identification of anatomy in ultrasound improving image-guided procedures (e.g. epidural injections and spinal taps). The second project focused on brain histology prediction from high-resolution MRI at 7 Teslas, which could reduce the need for invasive brain biopsies.

In my free time, I wrote the WebGL beginners guide,  a primer for learning computer graphics using the modern web stack. This book was the first of its kind. Later on, I participated in a second book project entitled WebGL insights, showcasing novel ideas in the world of web-based computer graphics.

Ezra: detecting cancer for everybody in the world!

In July 2018 I co-founded EZRA.  Our mission was simple: help everybody in the world to find cancer early. As CTO in 2020, I led the team that obtained the first-ever prostate segmentation AI cleared by FDA. We had an amazing team of PhDs, engineers, and software developers who made this possible.

YouTube video on Plexo AI

In 2021, we made it into Forbes AI Top 50: America’s most promising AI companies, and in 2021 our innovations team created the Reporter AI: an AI hat reads radiology reports and provides explanations or recommendations based on health findings.

Screenshot from Yahoo! Finance’s article on Reporter AI.

After five years dedicated to the mission of detecting cancer early I am now working on my next venture.

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Stay curious!