Plexo is a web-based medical imaging annotation tool. I developed this tool to be able to collaborate remotely with other researchers and with radiologists to analyze ultrasound images. Annotating, or labelling anatomical structures in ultrasound allows me to collect data for training and testing classification algorithms such as support vector machines, and more recently, convolutional neural networks. I developed PLEXO using  HTML5 canvas, JQuery and JavaScript. The layout is bootstrap. The code for PLEXO is publically available in my GitHub.


This was a post-doctoral project. I researched how to bring anatomy recognition to  mobile ultrasound devices using deep learning and created a proof of concept in collaboration with IBM Research Almaden



Voxelent is a WebGL library that I started as an exercise in software architecture applied to computer graphics. I got some nice applications such as the visualization of diffusion tensor images from the brain as shown in this video.

WebGL Beginner’s Guide

WebGL is a technology that allows you to run real-time graphics inside a web browser. During the off-time in my PhD I wrote the first textbook on WebGL aimed to JavaScript developers who want to get into the world of computer graphics. The book is available at,, safari books, and Barnes & Noble.

Here you can find the running code demos that make part of the book.  My book has also been translated to Korean and Chinese.